Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tap, Tap, Tap...

The kids and I tapped two 70-or-so year old Sugar maple trees today - They were large enough to get three taps into each tree. The taps I bought from Downtown Home and Garden were made of plastic however and they were not the easiest things to work with. As soon as I drilled into the bark however the trees began dripping. That's a good sign!

Steve (our Maple tree host) thought it was pretty funny that I had my two little guys running around on his property. Mostly though he laughed when the kids drank the Maple tree sap directly from the tubing! I wasn't sure if that was a "cool" thing or slightly disturbing!!!

Steve has MANY more Maple trees along the back of his property line and some more in the yard, so I'll likely come back in the next few days to tap a few more trees. I simply don't know how much sap to expect from the "Monster trees" in the front yard!!! It takes forever to boil down the sap to make syrup so we'll see...

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