Monday, March 23, 2009

Gardening Products I LOVE!

My husband says I'm a gadget-guru. OK I admit it, I LOVE to have the latest and greatest, especially when it comes to my hobbies!!! So as I begin to think about my garden and planting it this year, I began thinking about some of the products I have that I LOVE. So I thought to take a moment to talk about two products from the Gardener's Supply Company that I have used for the past two summers...

Most people do not think about planting potatoes when they think of planting their garden. I however think otherwise... When I was a kid we planted potatoes for several years and enjoyed pulling the plants at the end of the summer to see "our huge harvest". So it came as no surprise to my mom that I mentioned planting them two years ago for my kids!

I talked to several people about the best methods for planting potatoes - in a mound or in the ground I plant them all around... Sorry I began channeling Dr. Suess here... But I ran across the Potato Bin and thought that it might be a GREAT alternative to planting in our our clay-laden soil. I have raised beds but didn't feel like sacrificing space, so plating in the Potato Bin worked well. Both summers I planted 4 seed potatoes and ended up with a substantial harvest - I even shared some of my seed potatoes with two friends and neither of them had as good of a result from their planting! So check it out - it's a space saving method to a kid-friendly, easy-to-grow crop!

The second product I love is the Multi-Purpose Garden Knife. It's a trowel, a knife, a slicer, a dicer, and a small shovel all in one and MAN is it SHARP - Gotta watch the kids around this one! I use it all the time for breaking into our rather tough soil and even cutting plants, plant ties and slim plant stakes if I need to. This is a nifty tool that REALLY gets the work done and I love the "built in ruler" and especially LOVE the weed notch. We try to go green as much as possible and find ourselves digging up weeds throughout much of the summer months. This little tool though really gets the job done!

I'm sure I would find alternatives for any of my projects, I am a resourceful gal, however I really can not imagine my garden without these two items!

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