Sunday, March 22, 2009

Compostable Grass Clippings

I spent some time in the yard today ~ clipping old plants back, pulling dead weeds and pulling grass from my raised garden beds. In pulling out the grass from my raised beds, I began to think about grass in general, and how it makes an excellent compost material (if applied properly).

It's best to leave the grass clippings right on the lawn after cutting - When the grass breaks down it becomes a nitrogen rich fertilizer. If you do not want to use it on the lawn however, say if you waited too long between cuttings, the grass clippings become an excellent mulch or soil additive - So long as you do not add weed killers to your lawn! My husband and I add our grass clippings, about an inch thick, throughout my raised beds. The clippings add nutrients, help seal in moisture and help to prevent weeds.

While pulling the grass from my beds though, I was reminded - Add these grass clippings to your garden beds before your grass has gone to seed...

I need to get back to pulling grass clumps... *sigh*

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