Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dripping Liquid Gold!

We only got a little Maple sap the past few days - Enough to make Maple Syrup for our family, however I am thinking about giving out Maple Syrup to our families and friends as gifts too... My friends and family mostly think I am nuts for making the syrup, however I think they will greatly appreciate the fruits of our labor!

We tapped 5 more trees for a total of 14 taps. You can make maple Syrup from several varieties of maple trees and most of the smaller trees were not Sugar Maple trees, but the sap sure was running. It was running so much that I had to get the buckets tied up quickly!!! Again the kids thought it was cool to drink from the trees - Before we even left the property, some of the buckets had over an inch of sap! (NOTE - It takes approximately 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup!)

We'll be excited to see how much sap we get now!!! I could go along the back of Steve's property to tap more trees, I think though this year I'll wait it out. I am boiling the sap off in my kitchen out of my roasting pan, so it'll take time. If this is something the kids REALLY enjoy and we want to do in future years I'll tap more trees and get a few more shallow pans to boil the sap down in.

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