Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mail Order Poppies

A few weeks ago one of my Facebook friends mentioned having excess poppy's she was giving away. I casually mentioned that I wished I were in her area and I'd take her up on some of them! The other day my phone rang and an unfamiliar voice said "Hi Tammy it's Pam, I have some poppy's I'm going to mail you, what's your address?"

I think we both realized that plants CAN be ordered through the mail, however I have never thought to mail some of my more aggressive plants. She mailed them when the weather was not to hot and they arrived ready to plant.

The best comment is, when I mentioned receiving the plants, Pam asked "How do they look?" "Like I would expects plants that have gone through the mail and postage stamping machines to look!"

They're planted and we got a little rain last night, so we'll see...

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