Saturday, May 2, 2009

Summer Pest Control - Without the Pesticides!

I spent the day hunting for non-pesticide sprays, specifically mint-oil spray! I LOVE the way the spray smells AND kills nasty bees and wasps that bother us while we are enjoying the backyard. About the ONLY complaint I have, is that if you spray it too near your prized plants, it MAY cause them to burn since oil intensifies the sun. Otherwise I feel it's a MUCH better product to use than traditional pesticides. Who need more chemicals anyway. We use Victor® Poison-Free® mint oil spray - It seems to be about the only one we can sometimes find!

Another product I use through MOST of the summer is a red pepper spray (or a hot pepper wax spray) to deter Bugs (that's Bunny) from eating the tender shoots and plants sprouting so lovingly from my garden. I know that I can MAKE some of the hot pepper concoction however my one and only experience in doing so left me with stinging eyes and lips for DAYS!!! So I simply buy a bottle that lasts through most of the summer. Once I chase Bugs away he (or she) rarely comes back! I've also used a version of this with garlic that works well and even tried one with tobacco juice (YICK) I'll never do THAT one again...

The thing that gets me though, as we become a more "green friendly" society, why is it still so HARD to find these products. I had to order my mint oil spray from an online vendor this year after NOT finding it at 5 stores!

If I feel ambitious in the next few days, I'll post some of the concoctions I have successfully used (before having the kids!).
Red pepper

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