Monday, May 18, 2009

Pea Trellis

One of the best (in my opinion) early spring crops are fresh sugar snap peas - Yummy. My kids love them, Buggs (or resident wild bunny) loves than and I love them. If I'm lucky, and I do mean IF, I'll get out to the garden earlier than anyone else to grab a few handfuls of them... I've learned over the years too that a great pea trellis (or pea fence) can make accessing the sweet gems even easier. So let's talk about pea fences here...

One to the easiest things I have used to support the growing peas are the short metal fences sold at local hardware stores. the trouble is, they were never tall enough and often the peas swept back towards the ground and grabbed onto one another making it a jungle to pick through.

A few years ago I got the inspiration to build a pea tee-pee. My son was around 2 and I thought he might enjoy playing inside it. The trouble was the peas don't last long enough into the season, so it really didn't work for play - I think I'll save the play-house or tee-pee to pole beans or other summer crops!

Another year I used a collapsible trellis and leaned it against the house - it worked but it still wasn't perfect. So this year I decided to simplify.

I took 4 long sticks. They were each 8+ feet long and pretty sturdy. All I did was use heavy duty ties to create a square, then added string up and down for the peas to climb. The peas are just poking through the ground (I have sprayed them with red pepper spray to deter Buggs) and hopefully soon will begin to climb upward. I'm hoping this year's trellis will allow us to harvest the peas easier...

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