Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I LOVE Lavender and have several varieties throughout my garden to assure me that it will be blooming throughout the summer. I was reminded of what we can DO with it the other day as I was speaking with a friend.

She had lavender plants lining her walkway and as we stood there chatting our daughters began throwing the typical 3-year-old-I-want-attention-now-fits! That is NOT saying our precious princesses were brats, only that they were beyond tired from a day of bouncing in my friends industrial bounce-house.

My friend lamented that she had to bathe her daughter. That's when it hit. I said, "why don't you grab a big sprig of your blooming lavender, tie it into a bunch and use it for your daughter's bath?"

She tilted her head and looked at me oddly (which of course is not uncommon) then I said "Lavender in the bath sooths and relaxes and may help her sleep." That's when the light bulb went off for her!

I have used this method MANY times myself. Tie the bundle tightly together, bruise the flower buds gently to release the aroma and oils, then allow the bundle to hang where the warm running water cascades over it. You'll be surprised!

Lavender is a WONDERFUL medicinal herb - While it may be too "flowery" for the manly types out there (You know who you are!) it can REALLY help in many ways. Did you know that lavender is a general tonic or antiseptic, sedative, diuretic, and digestive aid and can be useful in treating acne and other skin conditions, headaches, and insomnia?

I'll post some great "lavender projects" in another post, but suffice to say I have done everything from adding it to honey (smells and tastes yummy), making quick and easy soap balls that smell divine, used it in baths, made lavender "wands" as a sachet or other use and have even made a lavender cheesecake (a recipe that SOUNDED awesome but unless you enjoy eating strong smelling flowers I advise against this one - I'll pass on repeating it!)... So enjoy your lavender as it blossoms and think of the many ways you can enjoy it beyond watching the buzzy-bees swirl and twirl among the buds!

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