Monday, June 27, 2016

Product Review: Badger Anti-Bug Balm

Today I was wanting to go on a walk in the natural area near my house and I realized that my kids had all of the bug-spray at camp with them. I am outdoors a lot with my scouts and certainly with my garden, so we have several bottles, but they were gone. I have been carrying Badger Anti-Bug Balm in my purse though since last July when I purchased it. I figured it was for those emergency picnics outdoors or otherwise. It smells awesome and is in a small, convenient container. While I have used it a handful of times, I have not truly tested it in the woods. No time like the present eh?

I applied it on my exposed skin areas and wiped mostly dry hands across my hair. I also applied it to my jeans at the ankles. For a walk in  the woods, I was pretty un-prepared, as I had even forgotten my hat, but I wanted to get the walk in before it got really hot! At least I had sunglasses, my map and a water bottle.

Badger Anti-Bug Balm claims are that it is a "USDA Certified Organic - All Natural Mosquito Repellent." I guess I should have looked at that first. It repels MOSQUITOES. Doesn't say anything about other biting insects. If you can picture this, then you will get a pretty accurate idea of how I felt...

Only it wasn't dirt, it was deer flies dive-bombing my head!

I did try opening the tin and walk with it on my head, which proves tricky, so instead, my leisurely 45 minute walk on the path was done in 22 minutes as I mostly jogged the path dodging and weaving the bugs.

Honestly I should consider that I only got bit by deer flies three times, I did not see ANY mosquitoes AND the deer flies mostly buzzed my head and did not actually land on me. So they were more of an annoyance than anything. I would also add that at some point the oils in the product would break down and become less effective.

Would I recommend Badger Anti-Bug Balm? It is a certified organic and 100% natural DEET-free bug repellent that uses all-natural citronella, cedar, and lemongrass, and essential oils. I would recommend it for casual back-yard use or picnics, but NOT for walking in the woods. Running from deer flies was not an ideal way to start my morning.

I do appreciate using natural items to deter insects though, what do you use when spending time in the outdoors?

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