Thursday, March 7, 2013

Companion Planting Guidelines [Chart]

Has the planting itch begun yet for the year? It sure has here. The seed catalogs have been arriving, I've been checking out many new ideas on Pinterest and the spring-like weather is starting. Even though I'm busy making maple syrup right now, I know there is so much to get started for my spring gardening.

Of course the first step is always to decide "what" to plant. I suppose that's why this image struck me as a good one to share. I always consider moving my plants around the garden, but sometimes forget about the companion plants. This easy to read chart covers many of the basic garden veggies that I am likely to plant.

Do you ever consider what to plant and where? Companion planting
can improve yield, prevent pests and more!

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  1. Hi, I am new to gardening in a non-tropical climate. I bought a home recently and would like to start salvaging its garden. The previous owner planted stuff willy-nilly and I would like to make some order. I was told Fall would be the best time to do that but I've obviously missed that boat. Would it be OK to dig up all the beds and start over this Spring? If so, when would be a good time to do that? Some of the Spring bulbs have already started sprouting. Any pointers would be most welcome!