Friday, September 11, 2009

Tomato Canning Event This Weekend

Have you ever wanted to can your own tomatoes? Think "summer in a jar" in January sounds tasty? Maybe you would like to try a hand at canning but you are worried about food safety - What if I feed my family something I canned that makes them sick? Maybe you've had grandma's old canning jars forgotten, tucked into the basement just waiting to be used. Have no fear, for the next two Sundays at the Pittsfield Grange you will have the learning opportunity of a lifetime learning to can tomatoes - Actually I consider being taught to can by my grandparents as the "opportunity of a lifetime", however they're not available this weekend!

This introductory tomato canning workshop at the Grange is perfect for folks who have never canned before or are looking for a refresher course. Participants will discuss canning methods, food safety, and equipment, then have a hands-on lesson canning fresh tomatoes.

Tomato Canning Extravaganza!
Pittsfield Grange
3337 Ann Arbor-Saline Rd., Ann Arbor
Sept. 13th & Sept 20th, 2-5 pm

Suggested donation $5; free for members of the Grange

Participants are encouraged to bring 2 dry quarts of tomatoes and either one quart or two pint-sized canning jars with NEW lids and rings to take home some "fruits of their labor". Hint: You might also bring an extra jar or two, just in case there is extra 'maters!

RSVP for the Pittsfield Grange "Learn to can Tomatoes" event here!

Photo by Flickr user galant.

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