Monday, September 28, 2009

Canning Across America

Yesterday I pulled 12 more pumpkins (can't wait to make more pumpkin ravioli and soup!), a half dozen ice-box watermelons, more green/yellow/red peppers, several handfuls of grape toms, and the end of the tomatoes... There might be a FEW more to pull from the garden, but thankfully the toms are coming to an end.

Don't get me WRONG I have thoroughly enjoyed the countless recipes and canning concoctions this year, and for the first time (because of the economy) I have canned more than ever! I'll have some awesome new recipes to share shortly too!

I also had a friend pass along something she heard on the Splendid Table on NPR this weekend - What a PERFECT site for me, and for the current canning trend. So if you've wanted to try canning, but were afraid to, check out Canning Across America. Maybe you'll be inspired to put up next years harvest!!!
Well folks, time to get back to preserving the fall harvest. The cool weather this week signals the seasons crops may be coming to a close...

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