Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mushroom Hunting Is On!

With the rain and the cooler weather the kids and I have begun watching one of our favorite spots for puffball mushrooms. Last week we found many that were the size of my thumbnail, so we waited it out a week and headed back out. That's when we immediately found 2 giant puffball mushrooms approximately 20 feet apart and dozens of golf ball sized ones!

What does one do with puffball mushrooms - Well eat them! Just be sure to slice them open and verify that they are solid white flesh with no gills! I'm making soup now and will cook some more with a seafood recipe I found.

Puffballs don't dehydrate as well, so I'll likely cook it all up and freeze them for use in recipes later! That is if there is any left over to cook and freeze...

We'll start looking for Hen of the Woods now too...


  1. Hi I am a new mushroom hunter from Jackson area, and I was wondering where you are from and maybe a few pointers on mushroom this time of year?




  2. I'm sending you a note offline, but in general I'd tell you the following:

    - Take a mushroom hike with an expert if you can - http://michiganmushroomhunters.org/ - My husband and I first took one through Washtenaw County Parks & Rec a few years back.

    - Get a really good, or a few really good field guides.

    - Take a camera and photograph everything around the find for indicators.

    - Become part of a "Shroom message board" - Those people are sometimes GREAT help!

    - And always "when in doubt throw it out" - Don't eat anything you;re not 1,000% sure of!

    - Find one area that you become very familiar with - types of trees, other edibles, traffic from other sources. I have one natural area that I have been foraging off of for three years and it I really paying off now that I know what I am looking for! I also talk to the others that use the area, fisherman, mountain bikers, etc. and they often tell me what they have seen! They all know me now and often ask what I'm searching for... I search for much more than just mushrooms!!!

  3. Are those really mushrooms?! If they are, those are gigantic. That's a lot of mushroom.

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