Saturday, December 26, 2009

Best Holiday Gardening Gift

YEA, I am so excited to write that I have been given the best gardening gift yesterday - And I CAN'T wait to use it. No it won't help me grow bigger, better plants, and no it won't make my summer gardening chores easier, but it is a FUN gadget!!! Yes that's right, mom gave me a time lapse garden cam, specifically the GardenWatch Cam by Brinno!

I can now spy on my growing garden... He he, better yet MAYBE in can capture images of my sneaky rabbit as he chomps all of my sweet, succulent lettuce to the ground... Grrr... Silly rabbit this is for kids!

No really, mom bought be a plant cam. I saw one in a catalog a few months ago, and casually mentioned it to my mom. I thought it would be a fun thing to use throughout the yard. it SO makes me want to begin planning and plantin', THAT'S for sure.

Here is a demo of some seedlings growing that is posted on YouTube:

What was the best gardening "gift" that you received from Santa this year?

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