Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Apparently I am a farmer? Did you know that? A FARMER!?

Tonight when we got home from being out all day to find a note taped to the front door. It was from the townships ordinance officer. I'm guessing that our Homeowners Association couldn't deny that our backyard chickens were indeed "caged domesticated birds" so they called the township for an official ruling. I had read the ordinances before keeping the girls, and didn't find anything specifically about chickens - I never read the ordinances specific to "farming" though, WHY would I, we're not living on a farm! HOWEVER in order to get us to remove the girls they are claiming that we are farming and as a "farm" we are breaking ordinance rules by being on less that 5 acres.

As of next Wednesday, if the girls are not removed the fines begin - $100, $250, $500, etc...

So is the next door neighbor, who likely began this whole mess, "Farming" since she is raising a FARM CROP of corn??? Too bad the ordinance officer isn't fining the homes in the neighborhood that are considered blight, or the VERY LOUD neighbor's dogs that bark incessantly... This is persecution I tell you!!! We're being singled out for sure...

*Sigh* so much for the kids learning experience - I was HOPING for eggs before we'd need the girls gone but that hasn't happened yet. Any time now... So we'll be looking for a home for the girls, I'd love it to be a temporary thing but i doubt it. I don't think we can jump on the new Ypsilanti Chicken permit thing - since we're in the Township and not the city. But I'll be looking into that as well. Not sure I can work that fast anyway...

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  1. One of my friends found a link on Michigan Farming which MAY be of benefit to me... Checking it out.