Thursday, April 16, 2009

Putting My Education to Good Use With Free Milk

Kroger had a great promotion running with General Mills products this week. If you bought two General Mills products, you were able to get up to $4 in free milk - At Kroger's current price that's 2 gallons! I was able to do even better, since I had coupons for the products I purchased, so I got a GREAT deal...

The kicker was, I already had a gallon that had hardly been touched by the family - sometimes we'll suck it all down in one day and other times it will last forever. My freezer was too full as well, so I thought "What should I do with all the milk?"

As it happened my neighbor mentioned wanting to make periogies with fresh farmers cheese while she lamented on how difficult it was to find and complained about the price. Since I had recently taken the cheese-making class however I put my learning to good use and made a basic Queso Balnco cheese.

For added flavor, I added a tiny nit of roasted garlic to the end and had FABULOUS results! I made a great frsh lasagna in addition to the periogies!

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